Writer of fantasy fiction and erotica.  I will be posting sample chapters of my books with links to Kindle if you want to read more. There’s no fantasy writing on here yet, but there will be.  Feel free to check out my blog posts (in the sidebar) in the meantime or the books I already have on Kindle.

Books already on Kindle

WOLF Station: WOLF station orbits a small wormhole between the Earth and the Moon but a strange discovery unleashes an ancient infection that threatens the whole crew.  This is a horror fantasy about vampires on a space station.  Buy it on Kindle

Hidden Costs and Stormy Seas:  A fantasy story set in Anglo-Saxon England.  Times are changing in Mercia.  Christianity is the new religion and pagans and magic users are no longer safe.  Some use corruption and subterfuge to continue practising their arts in secrecy.  Others hide in the vast woodlands where faeries dwell.  But when a fishing boat encounters a dragon in the open seas, Frotmund and Willie suddenly find themselves on a quest to warn the religious authorities and the magical community of what they had witnessed.  The dragons are returning and the whole world is in danger.  Can they warn the right people in time, or will those with a vested interest in keeping magic and monsters secret silence them forever?  Buy it on Kindle

Sample chapters of new works to come soon:

Fantasy fiction – no content yet

Erotica – sample chapters of an erotic story I don’t intend to complete but here are some of the best bits, all free to read.  Lots of foot worship, humiliation and women dominating both men and women.