The Nature of Deity

I’ve been a spiritual seeker all my life.  I was raised Christian, flirted with Occultism and New Age ideas in my late teens, took a passing interest in Hinduism and Buddhism in my early twenties, became a panpsychist pantheist in my late twenties and early thirties, became an atheist in my mid thirties and then regained some kind of spirituality, including flirting with Hinduism and Paganism, even though remaining something of an agnostic.

Having become interested in paganism recently but still not sure where exactly I fit in (if anywhere), I’ve decided to question myself on spiritual matters with the aid of Lunar Wisdom’s Mystical Seeker’s Year series on Youtube.  Here is the first one, which I am responding directly to in this blog post.

The questions asked in that first video are all about the nature of deity.  Here are my thoughts.

To me deity, or spiritual force, is connectedness.  It is the sense in which we can connect with the Universe and take part in and gain sustenance from something larger than ourselves.

I am both a pantheist and a polytheist.  The pantheist part is more “real”, more the way I literally see deity.  The polytheist part is more symbolic.

The Pantheist deity is obviously immanent, not transcendent, because that is what pantheist literally means.  But this “spiritual force” or “presence” of inter-connectedness is a bit abstract for the human mind.

The polytheist deities are a practicality.  They help the human consciousness connect with the abstract All.  Weirdly, because they are ideas only, they are sort of transcendent and not immanent.  But they help the human mind get a grasp on spiritual matters and find spiritual sustenance and wisdom in a way that can perhaps be difficult when concentrating on an abstract force of connection, of nature itself, or the Universe.  Even though it is that pantheist spiritual force that is immanent in and through everything and so can powerfully influence a person’s life.

As for how does deity manifest.  I think deity is manifest primarily in nature, and therefore through our nature too and being a force of connectedness, it is also manifest in our interactions and relationships with each other.


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