Life and purpose

Week 5 of Lunar Wisdom’s Mystical Seeker’s Year has some very difficult questions.

How do you show or express your appreciation for life?

Is all life sacred to you?  If not, how do you determine what life is sacred and what life is not?  And what do we mean by sacred?

And what is your purpose for living?  What are you doing here?

My initial reaction to these questions is to say “I don’t know”.  But I’ll try to answer them as best I can at this stage of my life.

I show or express my appreciation for life mainly through creative activities, by learning new things and by trying to be a loving, compassionate person.

I guess I think all life is sacred because I think all things are connected and it does us well to try to live harmoniously as best we can.  However I think this means showing the proper respect to our fellow living beings, including animals and plants.  This means not showing unnecessary cruelty to living things and refraining from destructive actions to the environment as a whole.  However when dealing with animal life I think it is also important to acknowledge that there is a natural balance and that it is part of nature to consume other animals for food (animals also do this, it is natural and part of the way nature functions) and also to protect ourselves and our territory from pests for example (animals also defend their territory from threats).  So it does not necessarily follow that respecting life and nature involves never killing.  Death is part of the natural order.

Obviously when it comes to our fellow human beings we should aim to act compassionately and only resort to violence in self defence or defence of others and only when absolutely necessary.

Life being sacred then only means that we should respect our fellow living beings by not causing unnecessary harm.  Unfortunately though harm is sometimes necessary and it’s important not to be too naive about that.

My purpose here?  I think it is to experience and to learn, then to pass on what I learn and what wisdom I gain to others.  This ties in well to my creative talents.  Through the things I create I can pass on what I have experienced and learnt.

As for “connecting the dots” from previous weeks, I think I can discern a common thread through all the weeks so far.  Deity is connectedness.  It exists both as an impersonal force or energy and also a kind of wisdom and love that we can “plug into”. We can view it in the abstract or through the symbols and metaphors of personified gods.  Life’s purpose seems to be experience and growth.  I think so far it is fitting together nicely and a clarity is coming forth from my answers to these questions.


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