Now for some woo

Week 6 of Lunar Wisdom’s Mystical Seekers Year has some difficult questions (for me anyway).

Supernatural forces???  The atheist in me wants to scream “there’s no such thing, you loony!”

But then she gave the example of the Holy Spirit in Christianity.  She also mentioned Fae.

I too was raised  Christian.  Perhaps that explains why I automatically associate any “supernatural” forces with deity.  In my answers to the questions on deity I discovered that I do believe that nature or the Universe can be interacted with as a reservoir of love and wisdom, and that this passive force of love and wisdom feels kind of feminine.  I’m reminded of the way wisdom is personified in the Old Testament and referred to as She.  I was always taught that this was the Holy Spirit.

So I think possibly this is one aspect of the supernatural for me – the feminine force of love and wisdom that we can connect with.  Is this deity or separate?  Well, I feel that it is a personal form of the All, and so that would make it an aspect of deity.

The mention of fae reminds me of another way that my spirituality could point me towards “supernatural forces”.  I’ve long enjoyed the metaphor and the concept of the faerie folk (you may have guessed from my name) and I suppose this represents the wild mysteries of nature.  I also symbolise this as deity (the antlered god Cernunnos) but when I think of the wild mysteries of nature as a deity, it feels like a distant and uncaring god, awesome and powerful but to be admired from a distance.  Yet when I enter a natural space I often feel a sense of connection, and although what I connect with feels wild and mysterious, unconcerned with the affairs of human beings, nevertheless it feels like something that you can interact with, almost intimately sometimes.  Is this the fae?  Is this a strange, otherworldly, supernatural presence in nature?

The atheist in me still screams out that this is delusion and make-believe.  And I do feel it is poetic, a romanticising of nature, for sure.  I certainly don’t believe that winged, eldritch but vaguely humanoid creatures are buzzing around in the forests.  I wish faeries and dragons literally existed, I really do.  But unfortunately they don’t.

Yet the fae can perhaps symbolise this reachable but ultimately wild and mysterious force of nature.  And in that sense, it is possibly separate from deity too.




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