Here are some sample chapters of an unfinished erotic story of mine:

Chapter 3


                Mary found it hard not to laugh as she arrived at college an hour earlier than she needed to.  Sam smiled at her in amusement as they greeted each other at the entrance to the University building.

                “Are you ready?”  She asked her friend.

                “Yes,” said Sam.  “This is going to be fun.”

                Martha turned up with her boyfriend Jake.  “What’s this all about?”  The big, burly boy asked.  “Why do you want to meet us so early?”

                Martha slapped the big man’s muscly arm with her hand.  “It’s for their class project, remember?”  She told him.

                “It’s alright,” Sam told him.  “You’re gonna like this.  We’ll fill you in on the way up.”

                When they reached the classroom, Mr. Pendleforth was waiting for them.  “Ok, girls, everything set?”  He asked.  “You know I appreciate your commitment to your studies, getting here so early to get everything ready.”

                “Thank you, sir,” Mary said with a sweet smile.  “In fact we need your help on this one.”

                “Oh really,” the teacher replied.  “What do you need me to do?”

                “Well, it’s quite an interesting project you see,” said Sam, taking Mr. Pendleforth to one side to explain, “It’s a kind of experiment about human sexuality…”

                Martha looked at Mary, her thick lips pursed as if mulling something over in her mind.  “I can’t believe you roped my Jake into this,” she said.

                “I know you don’t do this class,” Mary told her, “but you’re welcome to stay and watch.”

                “It’s not really my sort of thing,” Martha replied.  “But Jake really seems to like the idea.  Well, I guess after that creep’s behaviour the other week…”

                Mary smirked to herself.  “Well, that loser’s going to get his comeuppance today, don’t worry,” she said.  “Just waiting on one more person to arrive and we’ll be ready for him.”

             When Andy arrived for class on that eventful Tuesday he was surprised to see that Mary, Sam and Leanne were already there.  There was also a huge blanket hanging from the ceiling and obscuring half of the room.  At the other end of the room was a video camera on a stand, ready to film.  There were other students seated in their desks and Andy sat down amongst them.

                “Where’s Mr. Pendleforth?”  Andy asked Greg.  The big guy just shrugged.

                He saw Sam take Leanne behind the blanket that acted like a curtain or a screen.  Mary got behind the camera and filmed.  Sam came back out from behind the blanket and addressed the class.

                “For our project we are making a film that examines the complexities of sexual desire and behaviour.”  She explained.  “It is a kind of experiment that observes what happens when a human male is put in an unusual sexual situation and our film is to be a kind of artistic statement about the fluidity and complexity of human sexuality.”

                Very interesting, Andy thought.  He wondered what they were going to do.

                “So we need a volunteer from the audience,” Sam announced.  Then she looked straight at him.  “Andy, how about you?”

                Andy’s heart beat hard in his chest.  “Why me?”  He asked.

                Mary spoke up from behind him.  “We need someone who’s interested in feet,” she said.  He could hear the edge of disdain in her voice.  Sam smirked slightly but then regained her composure.  She held out a hand to him.

                “Come on,” she said.  “I think you’re going to like this.”  Reluctantly he got up and walked over to her.  His heart still beat anxiously and he started to sweat.  He didn’t know what was going to happen to him.  He faced the blanket and Sam put her arm around his shoulder and explained it to him.

                “Three different pairs of feet are going to appear from under the screen,” she explained, “and it’s like a game show.  You won’t be able to see whose feet they are.  And what you have to do is to lick the feet and suck the toes of each of the three pairs of feet in turn.  And after you’ve done that you tell us whose feet you think they were.  Then we take the screen down and you can see whether you were right or wrong.”

                Suddenly Andy wasn’t nervous anymore.  Now he was genuinely excited.  “Interesting,” he said with a smile, “that seems like fun.”

                Sam smirked again.  “We thought you’d think so,” she said.  Mary burst out laughing from the back of the room.  “Right, Andy,” Sam continued, pushing down gently on his shoulders, “on your hands and knees.”  Andy got down on the floor, on hands and knees.  “Foot models,” Sam said, “if you don’t mind.”

                Three pairs of feet poked out from under the blanket.  Andy was dimly aware of Sam and Mary swapping places.  Sam got behind the camera and Mary joined Andy.

                He hesitated for a moment but Mary encouraged him.  “Go on,” she said, “do what you do best.  I’m sure a foot freak like you should have no trouble identifying the mystery feet.”

                He crawled over to the first pair of feet.  They must have belonged to a black woman.  The skin was dark and the unpolished nails had that milky, slightly coffee shade that black people’s nails often have.  The feet were wide but short, the big toes plump and the toenails a bit long.  There was something exciting about that and Andy wondered whether these feet belonged to the black girl from the other day, the one whose boyfriend confronted him.

                It didn’t really matter whose feet they were though.  Andy had always wanted to suck a black girl’s toes.  He opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue and bent down to lick them.  He licked along the top of the right foot and then up to the big toe.  Tracing a line up the toe with his tongue, Andy felt a thrill of pleasure as he felt the smooth, sharp nail against his tongue.  He used his fingers to lift the big toe up off the ground and then he stuck the whole, fat digit into his mouth.

                It tasted salty but pleasant and he sucked the chunky toe hungrily, feeling the long nail against his tongue again as his penis began to stir and engorge in his pants.  After he had sucked the big toe, Andy licked around the outer edge of the foot and then all along the other toes, feeling with pleasure each of the long toenails under his tongue.

                He did the same with the left foot but this time in reverse.  He licked the flat expanse of the top of the foot, all the way along the edge of it and then ran his tongue along each of the smaller toes, feeling the delightful sensation of all those long toenails.  Then he lifted up the big toe with his fingers and stuck the plump digit in his mouth.  He sucked the big toe with growing passion and desire, tasting its salty flavour and ran his tongue along the nail as he did so, feeling the smoothness of it and the sharpness at its edge.  By the time he had finished his penis was already fully erect.

                Then he moved onto the second pair of feet.  These feet were bigger and longer, the skin was only tanned in complexion and not as dark as the first pair of feet.  Andy wondered whether they were Leanne’s feet.  But there was no French polish to these toes, they were again unpolished and natural and the nails were short.  Well, maybe they were false nails and she’d taken them off today.

                But whether it was Leanne or not, the toes were long and the feet large, just like hers, and that was sexy to Andy.  And short though the nails were, they were beautiful.  There was no imperfection or blemish to them and the nails actually shone in the light.  This was also sexy.

                Andy didn’t waste a second longer.  He was down on the floor, licking the tops of the feet, feeling with pleasure how large and strong they were.  He didn’t bother with the smaller toes this time but got straight to those deliciously long big toes.

                Mary stooped down to whisper in his ear.  “I hope you’re enjoying those feet, Andy,” she said, “the person who they belong to was very eager to let you taste them.”

                Andy sucked the big toe of the right foot and whoever it was who the feet belonged to they started to wiggle the toes of their other foot, whether in anticipation or from being ticklish, Andy couldn’t tell.  But the toe in his mouth also began to move and flex, rubbing the surface of his tongue with the fleshy pad of its underside.

                Andy moved on to the other big toe and the person behind the screen lifted their foot up and shoved it hard into his mouth.  This turned Andy on even more and his penis, fully erect now was rubbing up against the inside of his fly.  He felt like thrusting his pelvis in response to the arousal.

                The foot lowered again and Andy’s face moved with it until his cheek hit the floor.  Then the person behind the screen moved their other big toe into Andy’s mouth so that he had both big toes in there.  They began to flex their toes again, rubbing the pads against Andy’s tongue and Andy couldn’t resist.  He unbuttoned his fly and moved his hand inside his underpants, massaging his penis as he sucked.

                “Here,” said Mary, a slight lilt of amusement in her voice, “let me help.”  And she stuck her manicured hand inside and began to jerk Andy’s cock for him.  “Oh, I can see you’re really enjoying this person’s toes and having a good old suck of them,”  she teased him as the owner of the feet started shoving their big toes hard into Andy’s mouth again.  “You know when I told them what they’d be doing today they couldn’t wait to get their toes in your mouth and make you taste them.”

                Andy was so turned on now.  He always loved it when women liked to play rough with their feet, moving them and dominating him with them.  And to have Mary stroking his cock while he sucked sexy feet and toes, it was like heaven to him.

                Finally it was time for the last pair of feet.  Andy was surprised when he saw them.  These feet were even larger than the last pair and the person they belonged to was white.  The toenails were long and once again unpolished.  They also looked like they belonged to an older woman.  There were some small wisps of hair on the big toes but nothing major.  This didn’t faze Andy.  He had seen that some women had a bit of hair on their toes and it was only ever a little bit so didn’t really bother him.  Very continental, he thought, like women who don’t shave their armpits.

                He wondered whose feet they could be.  One of the teachers perhaps, or the old women who worked in the canteen.  He looked down at the long toes with the long nails, these large feet that must have belonged to a more mature woman.  They were in good condition though and Andy was quite excited.  He had never sucked the toes of an older woman before.

                “This should be very interesting…” said Mary.  “Well, go on… You know the game.”

                Andy lowered his head and stuck out his tongue.  It was all about the toes this time.  He let his tongue touch the nail of the big toe.  An exquisite feeling of pleasure shot through him as he felt the large, smooth nail against his tongue.  Whoever’s feet it was, they lifted the big toe up invitingly and then Mary put her hand on top of his head and pushed him down so that the huge, long toe went straight into his mouth.  She also started stroking his cock again, more vigorously than before.

                They tasted stronger than the other feet had.  But it wasn’t too bad and Andy didn’t mind the flavour.  In fact it only aroused him further.  The nail of the toe really was long enough that Andy felt it scratch the inside of his mouth slightly but it didn’t really hurt and Andy enjoyed the sensation.

                After the big toe he licked some of the other toes.  They were long and strong looking, their nails also grown out a bit.  It was a pleasure to suck some of those toes too, the long, unpolished nails made them seem so sexy.

                He sucked the smaller toes of the other foot too, all the while getting more and more aroused as Mary played with him.  “Enjoying those toes, are you?”  Mary asked him, that quiver of amusement back in her voice.

                When he got to the big toe again, the owner of it lifted it up obligingly and Mary forced his face down like before.  The huge digit with its long nail slid into Andy’s mouth.  He felt the large, smooth nail against his tongue, the edge of which hit the back of his throat slightly.  He tasted the strong, salty flavour.

                “It’s a big toe, isn’t it?”  Mary taunted him.  “It must be filling up your entire mouth.  How does it taste?”  She asked.  “How does that long nail feel inside your mouth?”  These questions only made Andy more excited as Mary tugged away at his fully engorged penis.  “I wonder if you can fit both of them in your mouth at once,” she suddenly added.

                Before Andy knew what was happening he had both big toes in his mouth.  They were humungous and his mouth was stretched wide to accommodate them.  But he felt more excited than ever.  Those large, long big toes on those mature feet, the toenails with some length to them and natural and unpolished.  This was like a dream come true for Andy.  So many of his boxes were being ticked at once.

                “Yes, that’s right,” Mary said, tugging Andy’s penis more furiously than ever, and still with that lilt of amusement in her voice.  “Give those toes a good, good suck.  Feel the long nails against your tongue.  I want you to really suck them hard and really fill your mouth with the flavour of those big, big toes.  Get a good, good taste of them as they fill up your mouth.”

                Andy couldn’t cope anymore.  With a rush of pleasure he ejaculated creamy cum all over Mary’s hand as his cock pumped away and his balls emptied.

                He was left on the floor, panting and spent while Mary cleaned up her hands.  When Andy recovered from his orgasm he swiftly pulled up his pants and trousers, realising that he was naked in front of the whole class.

                By the time he stood up Mary was back behind the camera and Sam had joined him in front of the blanket.  “So Andy,” she said, “who did you think the three pairs of feet belonged to?”

                “The first I think was the black girl with the big muscly boyfriend,” he said.

                “You mean Martha?”  Sam replied.

                “Yes, that’s right,” he continued.  “The second pair of feet I think might have belonged to Leanne.  And the third.  Well, I don’t know to be honest.  I’m guessing it might be one of the women who work in the canteen.”

                Andy noticed that it wasn’t one big blanket at all but three of them all attached together.  Sam pulled away the first one.  Behind it was Marvin!

                “Sorry, man,” the short, black guy said, looking a bit embarrassed by the whole thing.

                Sam pulled back the second blanket and there was the big muscly guy, boyfriend of Martha, who was so aggressive to him the other day.  The big guy screwed his face up in an amused kind of way.  He raised his eyebrows cockily, his eyes full of malice.  “Enjoy yourself,” he mocked and then spat out, “gay boy!” as an aggressive afterthought.

                Finally Sam took down the final bit of blanket.  There of course, as Andy could guess now he realised what they had been up to, was Mr. Pendleforth.  “Thank you, Andy,” he said, “that was very pleasant.”  Andy had never felt so humiliated.

                Mary zoomed in on Andy’s face for a reaction shot.  It was a picture!

Chapter 4


                It was a quiet day at Firmton Gynaecology Clinic and Emily Stanford only had two patients today.  She’d already seen the first and now had the whole afternoon ahead of her, so she knew she could take her time with the second patient if she needed to.

                The young lady, whose name was Lisa, came in, seeming very nervous and unsure.  “Just relax,” said Emily, reassuring the young woman.  “It’s all standard procedure.  Just a routine check-up to make sure everything is ok.”

                Lisa was indeed young, only in her early twenties.  She was also unusual in the way she dressed.  With short, cropped hair, t-shirt and jeans, trainers, she dressed almost exactly like a teenage boy.  She had minimal make-up on and wore no visible jewellery.  However, no one would mistake Lisa for male.  Something about her eyes, the curve of her lips, and her large breasts and shapely waist were a definite give away.

                “I wonder,” she said, avoiding eye contact, “if you could offer me some advice on a problem I’m having.”

                “Sure,” said Emily, entering her best counselling mode.  “What seems to be troubling you?”

                Lisa seemed to gain composure and she looked at Emily with a shy smile.  “I know you don’t really deal with this sort of thing,” she said apologetically.  “It’s not a physical problem I’m having.”

                This intrigued Emily and she wanted to hear more.  Lisa was a very attractive young lady and the shy, nervous way about her made Emily warm to her immediately.  Was it a maternal instinct or something more?  “It’s ok,” she told her, “whatever you tell me will be confidential.  What is it you wanted to ask?”

                Lisa looked away again, staring out of the window.  “I’m having these feelings,” she said and she licked her lips slightly.  “I try to get on with boys but they don’t interest me at all, and all my female friends…”  She paused, her forehead furrowing with worry.  It looked so cute on her pretty face.  She bit her lip slightly and then continued.  “They seem so beautiful, so hot.  And I’ve started having lustful thoughts about them and I want it to stop.  Is there anything I can do?”  She turned and looked straight at Emily as she asked that question.  Her eyes looked up pleadingly, her face still worried.  Emily felt like hugging the poor girl.

                “Oh, Lisa, this is all perfectly natural,” she said reassuringly.  “You’re just discovering your sexuality.  There are many women who are attracted to women, you know, and they live healthy, normal, happy lives.  There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian…”

                Lisa cut her off.  “But, no,” she said, alarmed, “I can’t be gay, I just can’t.  What will my parents think?  What will God think?  I’m training to be a church minister.  I can’t be gay!  The Bible clearly states that it’s an abomination.”

                “Well,” said Emily, trying to think of something to console her, “maybe these are just fleeting feelings.  Maybe you’ve not met the right man yet or God has other plans for you.  Perhaps you’re just admiring the other girls and it’s not really sexual at all…”  She ran out of things to say.  She didn’t really believe a word she was saying.  Lisa was clearly as gay as they come.

                But she seemed so hopeful and innocent.  “Oh, do you think so?” She asked, her face suddenly brightening, looking up at Dr. Stanford with those big, sweet eyes.  “You think I might be imagining it?”

                Emily felt her pulse racing and her nether regions beginning to moisten.  It would be so easy… No, she thought, mentally shaking herself, you mustn’t think such things.  It’s not professional.  But despite herself, she couldn’t resist the wicked urge.

                “Well,” she added, toying with the poor girl.  “If you really were lesbian then you’d be attracted to lots of women, not just your friends.  I mean, they’re all young and fit and beautiful.  But what about older women?  Do you like them too?  How about me, for example?  I mean, do you find me attractive?”

                The poor girl stared at Emily, her eyes wide as if with sudden terror.  Suddenly she broke down and cried.  “Oh no!”  She sobbed.  “I’m a hopeless cause!  I’m going to Hell for sure!”

                That was all the assurance she needed!  Suddenly Emily had a very, very naughty idea.  Oh, but it would be such an exquisite thing to do, and she’d be helping the girl in a way.

                She watched lovely, boyish Lisa sobbing her heart out and she gently placed her hand on the young woman’s arm.  “We do have a…” she paused to think of the right words, “a device that might work.”  Lisa lifted her head, her face wet with tears, that hopeful, innocent look in her eyes again.  “It’s a kind of de-gaying machine.  It’s very experimental, very new, but studies have shown it can be really effective.”

                “How does it work?”  Lisa asked.

                “Well, you lie on the couch,” Emily explained, smiling with amusement at the ruse she was concocting, “just like usual.  I’ll examine you of course, since that’s what you’re here for, and then I’ll put up the screen and wheel out the machine.  It attaches to your genitals and, well it’s very technical and complicated, and it will feel a bit weird but first it applies moisture to the area, then there’s some suction and massage, followed by the insertion of an object that replicates a man’s penis.  We find most patients get cured of their gayness in time, sometimes it takes one treatment with the machine, sometimes four or five but it’s very effective.”

                Emily waited for the response, worrying that her description had made it too obvious.  But Lisa didn’t seem to notice anything untoward.  “Can you try it on me?”  She asked.  “I really don’t want to be gay anymore.”

                Emily smiled, her heart beating with anticipation.  “Of course,” she said, “take off your clothes and lie on the couch and we’ll begin.”

                Emily kept her touch purely professional during the examination itself.  She didn’t want to give the game away but Lisa’s body was so beautiful that it was hard to resist.  But she controlled herself until the moment when she could begin her deception and put the screen up.

                “Shall we begin?” she asked eagerly when the examination was finished.

                “Yes, please,” Lisa replied happily, “thank you so much for this.”

                “Oh, thank you,” said Emily, as she put up a screen roughly where Lisa’s belly was.  “Your co-operation will really help provide evidence that will contribute towards getting these machines into every hospital and clinic in the country.”

                “That would be wonderful,” said Lisa, lying back and relaxing.  “This is God’s work you’re doing.  Do you realise that?”

                Emily didn’t answer the question but disappeared into an adjacent room and rolled out a machine.  It didn’t matter what machine, anything that would create the illusion that a device was being used.

                With everything set, Emily sat down in her chair, between Lisa’s legs and switched on the machine.  It made a noise, a kind of roaring, whirring noise.  It wasn’t very loud and the machine wasn’t actually doing anything but it helped create the ruse.  Then Emily moved her head forward and down, towards Lisa’s crotch, totally hidden from view by the curtain.

                “Now,” she said, “this might feel a little strange.”  She stuck out her tongue and gently, tentatively she tasted the young girl’s twat, licking up and down the labia and tickling the clitoris with short, delicate flicks.

                “Oh my!” said Lisa and Emily heard the young woman breathe heavily and make quiet little sounds of pleasure.

                “It’s just moistening your vagina,” Emily told her, “it’s all part of the treatment.  Try to relax.  We’re doing this to cure you of your unwanted thoughts, remember.”

                “Yes,” said Lisa, “yes I know.  Carry on.”

                Emily continued licking and Lisa made some more little panting noises and whimpers of pleasure.

                “I didn’t expect it to feel so nice,” she said.  Emily smiled to herself and continued licking.  Eventually she stopped, lifting up her head to speak.

                “Now comes the suction part,” she announced.  “It’s going to moisten and massage the whole area.”  That’s when Emily set about sucking the girl’s labia and sticking her tongue into the vagina itself.  She also stroked and massaged the whole area as she did so, including rubbing the clitoris with her finger.  She had a really good lick and suck of Lisa’s private parts, delighting in how good she tasted and how wet she was becoming.  Lisa moaned with pleasure and Emily could feel that she was getting close.

                She stopped and pushed back her chair.  She stood up.  “Now,” she announced, “the insertion part of the treatment really works better if you turn the other way around.”

                “What do you mean?”  Lisa asked.  She was out of breath and glistening with sweat.

                “Turn onto your front,” Emily instructed her, “and sort of prop yourself up on your hands and knees.”

                Lisa obliged, getting up and turning round so that she was perfectly positioned for rear entry “Like this?”  She asked.

                “That’s perfect,” said Emily.  She moved the machine forward a little, more for effect than anything but there was still room for her to get to Lisa.  She had a short little stool she could stand on to get to the right height and opening a drawer she managed to pull out a dildo and harness.  Lisa was looking in the other direction and couldn’t see.

                Emily put on the harness with the dildo attached and stood up on the small stool.  “Are you ready?”  She asked.  “This is the part that replicates heterosexual intercourse.  It’s the most effective part of the treatment but it might feel a little strange.”

                “It’s fine,” said Lisa, “I’m ready.  I want to be cured of being gay.”

                Emily smiled to herself.  The girl was still wet and she was about to give her the fucking of her life. She was not coy about it at all.  She slid the strap-on penis into Lisa’s vagina and immediately started pounding away at the poor girl.

                “Oh my God!”  Said Lisa, panting with pleasure.  “Oh my!”

                Yes, thought Emily, you want this don’t you?  Here she was, a forty five year old woman fucking a girl in her early twenties.  But she was giving her exactly what she wanted, of that she was certain.  Lisa liked girls, she was clearly attracted to Emily and she was definitely enjoying herself.  And now Emily was giving her the hardest fuck of her life.

                She played with Lisa’s clit as she fucked her and Lisa started to moan with pleasure again.  “That’s right,” said Emily, getting very aroused herself, “take it all in.  This will cure you of your perversions.”  Take your medicine, she thought, this is exactly what you deserve, you naughty girl.

                It didn’t take long.  Lisa was panting and moaning, her breathing getting more and more intense.  Emily saw the girl’s legs start to shake and finally she let out a loud cumming noise.  She twitched and moaned with what must have been an intense and satisfying orgasm.  Finally Lisa collapsed forwards, letting out one final groan of pleasure as she relaxed and her breathing slowed again.

                Afterwards as Lisa got dressed and Emily put everything away, the boyish looking young lady stole furtive, shy glances at Emily.  Did she know somehow what had happened between them?  Or did she just feel ashamed that it was Emily she’d been thinking of?

                As she left Lisa turned and said one last thing.  Looking up with a shy smile, she said, “I don’t think I’m cured yet.”

                “Well,” said Emily with a wicked smirk, “you’ll just have to come back for more treatment, won’t you?”

                It had been an intense day at work and so Emily was caught off guard by her lodger Andy’s question.  He was sitting in the living room, watching TV and eating a packet of crisps when she arrived.

                “My sister’s looking for a new place to stay,” he said.

                “Andy you know my daughter’s coming to live with me…” she replied.  Honestly she didn’t want this kind of discussion right now.  She just wanted to shower and then relax in her bed, masturbating about what happened today.

                “I know,” he added, “but I was wondering if you knew of anyone else that had room to spare?”

                Emily thought for a moment but then she remembered her old friend, Barbara.  “Actually,” she said, “I know a woman with three rooms to rent.  She works at the University actually, as an Admin assistant.”

                “Is it cheap?”  Andy asked.  “You know my sister’s still a student until next year.”

                “I’m sure Barbara will be willing to come to some arrangement with the girl,” she told him, “she’s been so eager to rent those rooms out, ever since her husband died and the kids flew the nest.  And she loves students.”

                “Great,” said Andy.  “You’ll have to give me the address and phone number.  Beth will be so pleased.”

                Emily wrote them down for him.  Then she went upstairs for a shower and some fun.

Chapter 8


Andy wasn’t especially religious but he had no personal qualms about it either.  It was no surprise to learn that Martha went to church on Sundays.  A lot of people from African cultures did.

It was one of those kinds of churches where people danced and sang to what sounded like Christian rock music and he was impressed by the lively, joyous way in which the congregation celebrated their faith.

As they sat down following the worship section, to listen to the preacher speak, Andy decided to look around at the other people.  There was quite a racial mix actually, black and white in about equal numbers, and there was a huge mix of ages too.  Young, old and middle aged all gathered here to worship the Lord.  Martha held his hand reassuringly and squeezed it.  He turned to face her and she smiled at him lovingly.  He smiled back and then looked away again.

The preacher was a black guy.  He was tall and with a strong, physically fit physique but he was old in years.  He had long fingernails, Andy noticed and he wondered to himself why it was more common for black men to grow their nails long than it was for white men.  There were other people seated behind the preacher, other elders of the Church or whatever.  One of these was a slightly stern looking mature white woman with a head of grey hair.  There was an old white guy too, who also looked slightly severe.  There was a man and a woman too, who were holding hands and Andy took them to be a couple.  They were both black and younger in years, possibly only in their twenties.  She had dreads and a strong but attractive look about her, he looked remarkably handsome for a man.  Andy also noticed the piano player, a middle aged white woman with glasses and her long brown hair in a ponytail.

The preacher read a story from the Bible that Andy couldn’t help but be intrigued by.  It was the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.  In that story Simon Peter refused to have his  feet washed  at first but Jesus said if he didn’t have his feet washed then he would “have no share” with Jesus, after which Peter insisted that Jesus wash his hands and head also.

Andy found himself wondering about the story.  He was sure it was about spiritual matters, baptism or humility perhaps, but from his perspective he couldn’t help but see it as weirdly sexual.

“We live proud, arrogant lives,” the preacher said.  “We openly defy and rebel against God.  We are sinners, in need of salvation.  But salvation can only come through repentance.”

Andy looked awkwardly around the building, trying not to listen.  He wasn’t sure about all this guilt and sin stuff.

“But repentance can only come about through humility,” the preacher continued.  “We must learn to let go of our pride, our haughtiness, our rebellion and arrogance.  We must submit to the Lord.”

A few people murmured “amen” in response to this.  Andy found this vaguely unnerving.  He couldn’t say why.

“Do we have anyone in the audience tonight,” the preacher asked, “anyone who has been so full of arrogance and pride, defiance and rebellion, that they need to learn Christ’s lesson of humility?  Any sinners who have done unthinkable things?  Sexual defilers and perverts?  Drug addicts?  Pagans or witches?  Homosexuals or crossdressers?”  Andy shifted in his seat.  This sounded a bit intolerant.  He felt Martha shift in her seat too and assumed it was for the same reason but then she stuck her hand up.

“Yes,” the preacher called out to her, “are you in need of humility?”

“Not me,” she called back.  She took Andy’s hand and lifted it in the air with her own.  She stood up, keeping his hand in her grip so that he had to stand up also.  What was she doing?  “This man here has done unthinkable things with other men, and acted immorally towards innocent women too.  He has shown no repentance for these wicked deeds.”

“What is his name?”  The preacher asked.

“Andy,” Martha told the man.

“Andy,” the preacher called, beckoning with his hands, “come up to the platform.  Come and repent of your sins, be cleansed in the Holy Spirit and learn Christ’s lesson of humility as set out in his Word.”

Martha pushed Andy towards the aisle, encouraging him to come forward.  “What are you doing?”  He whispered to her as he passed.  “What is all this?”

“Go,” she whispered back to him.  “I think you need this.  It will be good for you to learn humility.  Then we can put what you did at the party behind us and I can find it in my heart to forgive you.”

He wondered which party she meant.  He had a feeling it was both.  But if it would help heal the rift he had caused between them, then it would all be worth it, Andy thought.

He walked nervously along the pew to the aisle and then walked up to the podium and got up onto the stage.  The preacher greeted him and put his hands on Andy’s shoulders, looking him in the face as he spoke.

“I see before me an unrepentant sinner,” the preacher announced.  “But today he will repent of his sins.  He is a defiler of flesh and a homosexual.”  Andy felt that was an inaccurate assessment but he daren’t say anything.  “Today he will learn humility, just as Christ has taught us in his Word.  Jesus washed the disciples’ feet and to let go of pride and sin, to learn repentance and humility, we must do the same.”

Someone from the crowd said “hallelujah”.  The preacher continued to talk.  “Today, Andy, you will wash the feet of all those seated on this platform, all the elders of the church.  And in so doing, you will learn humility and repentance for your vile sins.”  Andy looked around expectantly, waiting for someone to bring a wash basin and a sponge.  “Look at him now, searching for an easy option.  But for a sinner and a pervert such as yourself there is no easy option.  You must learn true humility, the deepest contrition, and to truly repent of the perversity of your heart you must debase yourself even lower than our Lord Jesus did.  No Andy, you will not be using water to clean our feet.  You will be using the water that God himself has given to you.  You will wash our feet with your tongue.”

“My tongue?”  Andy said in a surprised and horrified tone.  He felt worried, embarrassed and secretly titillated, all at the same time.

“Yes,” the preacher replied, “only the greatest humility will suffice to wash away your sins, Andy.  Now get down on your knees.”

Andy did as he was told and knelt down.  The preacher sat down.  He was sat beside the old woman and the old man, both of whom started taking their shoes off.  But it was the black couple who’s feet Andy would be washing first.  The couple walked round from the row of seats behind and stood barefooted in front of Andy.  They wiggled their toes expectantly.  The woman had her nails painted a dark red.  The man’s feet looked immaculate and well kept, the milky white toenails contrasting against his dark skin.

Andy bent forward onto his hands and elbows and proceeded to clean the black couple’s feet with his tongue.  He licked the woman’s feet first with long strokes of his tongue, careful to cover the whole surface with his saliva and not miss a single spot.  Her feet tasted salty but pleasant and he felt the sexy sharpness and smoothness of the nails as he licked the toes.  He then lifted one foot at a time and licked the soles of her feet, which were dusty and black from the floor.  That wasn’t very nice but the humiliation of the act and the beauty of the woman and her feet still caused his penis to start to swell and stir in his pants.  He sucked each of her toes, determined to be thorough in his task.

Next was the man’s turn.  He actually had beautiful feet and this was unexpected on a man.  The toenails were perfect, as if he had a pedicure done and the natural coloration of the nails was also a turn on for Andy.  He licked the surface of the feet, feeling how strong and manly they were.  Then he licked the tops of those immaculate toes, after which Andy felt that his penis was fully erect and pressing against the inside of his trousers.  Then came the unpleasant task of licking the dusty soles that had been walking on the bare floor, before finally Andy sucked each of the big, chunky toes.  Those strong, manly toes in his mouth caused Andy to become even more aroused.

This was humiliating.  Here he was in front of lots of people, not only being degraded in this way but also getting sexually excited by the situation.  What would happen if he ejaculated or if he couldn’t help playing with himself?  It would be so embarrassing!  But feet were his weakness.  He couldn’t help but respond in the way he did.

He heard footsteps climbing the stairs to the platform and when the black couple had moved back to their seats, Andy found himself looking at a pair of mature white feet in sandals.  The toes were long, the big toes almost square in shape with nails that ended almost completely flush with the ends of the toes.  Andy looked up.  It was the pianist lady with the glasses.

Andy licked the toes, running his tongue leisurely along the length of each big toe, feeling the smooth nail as he did so, and his dick twitching eagerly, insistently in his pants.  He sucked all of the toes, taking the long slender digits in his mouth, all with the woman still wearing her sandals.  The feet seemed clean, not even salty, yet there was a characteristic taste all of the woman’s own.  It was quite nice actually.

One foot at a time, Andy lifted the pianist lady’s feet out of the sandals to lick along the tops and bottoms of the feet.  He took his time, savouring every taste.  She wasn’t conventionally attractive but by the time he had finished, Andy felt quite taken with her.  If he was single he might even be tempted to let this foot worship develop into something more.  He’d always wondered what it would be like with an older woman.

There were three pairs of feet left to wash, the preacher and the two elderly white people seated with him.  All of them had removed their shoes and sat there barefooted.  He licked the woman’s feet first.  She must have been in her sixties or seventies and her feet had that soft, veiny look that old women’s feet often do.  They were quite chubby feet but the toes were large and powerful looking, the long nails painted a kind of pearly pink.  He took care to lick every inch of her feet, starting with the soft tops of her feet, then lifting her feet up to lick the salty soles.  Finally he got to the toes, those big, powerful toes with the long nails.  He sucked the smaller toes, with their strong, sweaty flavour and then each of the big toes in turn.  Each big toe seemed to fill his mouth and he could feel the nail against his tongue, the long, smooth sharp nail and his cock seemed full to bursting.  He longed to touch himself but daren’t in front of all these people.  His balls tingled, urging him for release.  It was so humiliating and uncomfortable.  He looked up at her as he sucked.  She seemed to be smirking to herself, as if enjoying a naughty joke.  Could she see the bulge in his trousers, he wondered, could anyone in the audience see?  He found himself wishing this embarrassment would end.

He crawled forwards to the preacher’s feet but the preacher had other ideas.  “No Andy,” he said, “You will wash my feet last.”  Andy continued crawling, over to the old man’s feet.  He noticed with some dismay that both the preacher and the old man had long toenails, the tough, horny talons that come with age.

The old man’s feet were rough and calloused but looked strong.  They were sort of long also with big powerful toes and those long nails.  Andy looked up at the man as he approached.  The old man, a preacher too, Andy guessed, had a severe look on his face.  He had a strong jaw, long nose, a balding head of white hair and a seemingly permanent scowl on his face.  “Repent,” he said to Andy, “repent of your sins and learn humility.”

Andy looked down and dutifully began to lick the tops of those strong, elderly feet.  “Disgusting sinner,” the old man added as an afterthought, almost under his breath.  “Repent, pervert.”

This abuse only seemed to turn Andy on more and by the time he got to sucking those big, manly toes with their long nails he could’ve sworn his penis was so erect that he actually felt something give way from the pressure.  It was too late to feel embarrassed and ashamed now.  He had already been fully degraded in everyone’s eyes.  Andy placed the old man’s big toes in his mouth, one at a time and then both together.  He could barely fit them inside and he felt those sharp, strong toenails against his tongue and was so aroused that he had to press his fingers hard against the wooden floor to prevent himself from masturbating in front of everyone.

This was cruel.  He was being pushed beyond endurance, aroused against his will by the coincidental connection between this ritual and his own kink.

Finally came the moment to wash the preacher’s feet.  As Andy crawled back to the feet of this strongly built black man he was alarmed to notice that his cock had actually burst free from his trousers, standing exposed and fully erect for everyone to see.  If it was humility and shame they wanted to instil in him then they had certainly succeeded!

The preacher’s feet were actually very attractive.  Clean and well kept, the long toenails looked as immaculate as the other black man’s.  But these feet were big and the nails were long.  Andy knew for sure that he wouldn’t be able to complete this task without doing unthinkable things in front of everyone.

As he began to lick however, Andy was surprised to feel something rubbing against his penis.  He looked up and back briefly.  It was the old woman, smirking to herself as she gripped his cock between her big toe and second toe and, almost casually, stroked it back and forth.

Andy licked the black preacher’s feet, including the sweaty soles.  They tasted salty and strong from being in shoes all day.  They were big, powerful feet and as the old woman stroked his cock ever more vigorously and fast, Andy knew it wouldn’t be long until he ejaculated.

“Yes, Andy,” the preacher said, “make sure you clean everything.  As you debase yourself and taste the sweat on your tongue then you will know that you have truly learnt humility and sought forgiveness for your sins.”

It was time to suck the preacher’s toes now.  He sucked the smaller toes of one foot, then the smaller toes of the other foot, saving the big toes until last.  Finally it was time to place those big, black toes with the long toenails in his mouth.  The nails were long, just like the nails on the preacher’s fingers and thumbs and Andy felt the sharpness of the nail against his tongue, as he placed one powerful digit, then the other, then both at once into his mouth.

“Repent, foul sinner,” the preacher said, flexing and wiggling his toes so that Andy felt the nail scratching gently against his tongue.  “Let go of your pride and know your place at the master’s feet.  Taste humility and feel the debasement.”  Both big toes were in Andy’s mouth now and he could feel the preacher continue to flex them, the large digits and their long nails moving against his tongue.  He felt truly humbled and could feel the power and strength of the preacher’s feet.  “Can you taste it, Andy?  Can you feel it?  This is the humility and repentance that sinners deserve.”

He couldn’t take anymore; the big, powerful toes in his mouth, the sharp nails against his tongue, the preacher’s humbling and disdainful words and the old woman’s feet firmly stroking his penis.  With an explosion of pleasure, Andy ejaculated all over the wooden floor of the stage.

Andy collapsed in relief and the preacher pulled his toes out from Andy’s mouth.  “Today,” the preacher announced, “a sinner has repented of his foul perversity and pride.  Hallelujah!”

It was the class project all over again, Andy thought.  He had been forced to cum with a man’s toes in his mouth.  Yet, strangely enough, Andy was beginning to enjoy such mistreatment.  Maybe I’m bisexual, he thought, at least where feet and toes are concerned.

Chapter 9


When Beth saw the posters go up at the beginning of October she could hardly believe what she was reading.  The whole school was talking about it too.  This year for Children in Need, Firmton University was having a barefoot day.  On the charity day itself the whole University, students and teachers alike, would be barefoot.  She wondered how she would cope seeing everyone’s naked feet with the foot fetish she shared with her brother.

But Beth sank herself into both her school work and her personal fitness program.  Maybe, she thought, some of the hot young men, like Kevin and Jonathan, might take a liking to her own naked feet.  You never know, it was a very common fetish.  She had already attracted smiles and waves from the two young men.  Maybe if she lost a bit of weight they would take even more of a shine to her.  Maybe one of them would ask her out.

So she spent every day jogging and visited the gym once a month.  October passed and soon November came around but she still wasn’t happy with her progress.  Somehow the weight just wasn’t coming off fast enough.  She mentally scolded herself for eating so much chocolate and cake.


When the day arrived, that Friday morning, the barefoot day for Children in Need, Natalie and Gita approached her before she left the house.  The three of them all rented rooms from a lovely woman called Barbara.  Barbara was nice enough but she was a strong woman and didn’t say much.  The occasional scowl and tut when Beth failed to clean up after herself gave her the impression that she shouldn’t mess with Barbara. She could probably be formidable when crossed, she gave off that sort of aura.  But she seemed pleasant enough on a day to day basis.

Before she left the house, Gita and Natalie approached her, holding out a small plastic object that looked a little like a tiny penis with a weird sticky out bit on it.  Beth screwed her face up in response to it.

“What’s that?”  She asked.

“Oh, it’s a special object that monitors your heartbeat and how many calories you’ve burnt,” said Gita.  She seemed sincere but there was the slight curling at the edge of her mouth.

“We’ve noticed how much effort you’re putting into losing weight,” said Natalie, “and we want to help you.  Think of it like an early Christmas present.”  She handed the object to Beth.

“Well,” Beth replied, slightly confused as she took hold of the strange looking device.   “What do I do with it?”

“You’ve got to put it somewhere warm,” said Gita, that curl to her lips getting worse.

“It goes in your vagina,” Natalie added.  “I’ll show you.”

Beth slipped off her skirt and took down her knickers.  Natalie helped her put the device in her vagina with the sticky out bit placed over her clitoris.  Then Beth got dressed again.

“I know it seems a bit weird,” said Natalie, “but it really does work.”  There was a curl to Natalie’s lips now.  Gita was holding a kind of box with an electronic display and some dials.

“What’s that?”  Beth asked.

“Oh this is how we monitor how well you’re doing,” Gita told her.

“Well, shouldn’t I have that?”

“Oh no, it’s fine,” Natalie assured her.  “You just concentrate on losing the pounds and we’ll tell you how well you’re doing.  It’s the least we can do.”

“Oh,” said Beth, not knowing whether to feel worried or grateful.  “Thanks, guys.”

“See you in class,” Gita added as Beth turned to go.  On her way out of the door she heard them burst into laughter behind her.  It was probably a coincidence.


Wandering around the college halls, Beth found it hard not to stare at everybody’s feet.  Even some of the guys had nice feet.  Not everyone looked nice barefoot of course, she saw her fair share of ugly or uninteresting toes.  But from time to time she spotted the sexy feet and beautiful toes and it made her heart race with excitement.  Today was going to be a very interesting day.

As she approached the classroom she spotted Natalie and Gita waiting outside the door.  Gita turned a dial on the monitoring box and Beth suddenly felt a buzzing and a warm feeling of pleasure in her vagina and on her clitoris.  It was a gentle feeling but undeniably arousing.  Natalie nudged her friend and whispered to her.  Gita turned the dial back the other way.  The buzzing and tingling stopped.

Beth couldn’t resist looking at the ground as she approached.  Gita’s feet were quite large, the toes elegant and long.  Natalie’s toes were shorter, her feet smaller but they were quite broad, the toes quite plump and strong looking.

“How’s barefoot day going for you?”  Natalie asked with a chuckle.

“Don’t,” Beth told her, looking away.  “I’m trying my best to keep it together.  It’s not funny.”


In class, Beth was indeed trying to concentrate but she wasn’t doing very well.  The teacher was barefoot too, Mrs. Ainthorpe’s long wrinkly feet with the nails on her pale white toes painted a delicious dark red.  It was very distracting.  Then there were Gita’s long toes, the natural nails long and beautiful and Natalie’s short chubby feet, the big toe on each foot looking huge enough to fill her entire mouth.  It was as much as Beth could do to avoid becoming moist.

Occasionally Natalie and Gita would glance back at her and laugh at her discomfort.  That only made it worse.

Suddenly Natalie knocked her pencil case on the floor.  “Oh, could you get that for me?”  She asked, looking over at Beth.

What did your last slave die of?  Beth thought but she walked over and picked it up anyway.  To be honest it gave her an excuse to get a closer look at their feet.

She had to crawl under the table to retrieve all the pens and other items that had scattered when the case hit the floor.  Her face was mere inches from Gita’s toes.  Then suddenly the buzzing and the tingling sensation began again.  The object in her pussy buzzed against her clit and seemed to move in and out of her vagina.  It started slowly and then gradually picked up pace.  Natalie and Gita started to flex their toes and wave their feet in front of her face.  Gita even started to rub her long toes against Beth’s cheek.

The buzzing grew more intense.  Beth could see the shiny long nail of Gita’s big toe as she caressed Beth’s nose with the digit.  Beth was getting wet, her legs beginning to quiver.  She realised she was panting with desire.

Natalie moved her foot towards Beth’s face, the chunky big toe only centimetres away from Beth’s mouth.  Beth let out a moan.  Gita and Natalie giggled amongst themselves.

The buzzing in her pussy went up a notch again and Beth couldn’t help herself any longer.  She sucked Natalie’s big, chunky toe.  Then she reached up and took hold of Gita’s long, beautiful foot and devoured all the toes.  She placed the long, long big toe into her mouth.  She felt the sharp nail against her tongue.  She sucked the toe hungrily.  The device in her pussy tingled and buzzed relentlessly and it wasn’t long before Beth came to a thrilling climax, Gita and Natalie in fits of hysterics above her.

The moment was soon interrupted.  “Bethany Grentmor!”  The teacher called out in shocked indignation.  “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Beth stood up, placing the pencil case on Natalie’s desk and brushing down her skirt.  She felt very ashamed and embarrassed by what had just happened.  “I was just picking up Natalie’s pencil case, Mrs. Ainthorpe.”

“I saw you with your mouth around those girls’ toes!”  The strict but beautiful teacher told her.  “Now is not the time or place for that kind of behaviour, young lady.”

“No, Mrs. Ainthorpe, sorry ma’am,” she replied contritely.

“If you’re going to behave like an unruly child,” Mrs. Ainthorpe continued, “then I’m going to treat you like a child.  From now on you will spend the rest of the lesson sitting under my desk.”

“By…” Beth asked, gulping hard at the prospect.  “By your feet?”

“Yes,” the teacher replied.  “Unless of course you want to disobey me and get in even more trouble.”


Of course Beth obeyed.  She took her pens and her notebook and spent the rest of the lesson, sitting under the desk at Mrs. Ainthorpe’s feet.

There they were.  Beth couldn’t help but stare.  Mrs. Ainthorpe sat cross-legged at her desk, one large foot inches away from Beth’s thigh and the other gently swaying back and forth in front of Beth’s face.  They seemed so large, these mature and authoritarian feet.  The pale skin, the deep red and slightly long toenails, the endearing wrinkles, Beth couldn’t help but stare at the large, strong feet and those exciting toes with the long nails.  Her mouth started to water.

That’s when the tingling began again.  The device in her pussy began to move, to buzz against her clit, to pump inside her vagina.  She heard Gita and Natalie giggle at their desk again.

But Beth didn’t care.  She wanted the pleasure this time.  Mr’s Ainthorpe was cross with her, she knew it.  The owner of these fabulously mature, elegant, strong and powerful feet, these authoritarian and superior feet, was very, very angry with Beth right now.  There was nothing Mrs. Ainthorpe wanted more than to show Beth her place.  It would be fitting to lick teacher’s feet, to suck her toes in honour of the superiority and power that Mrs. Ainthorpe represented.  But Beth didn’t want to get in any more trouble.

Instead she moved her face as close as she could to those feet.  She took a deep breath of Mrs. Ainthorpe’s foot odour.  She let her fingers move towards the foot that was near her thigh.  She fondled the big toe of that foot and felt the sharp nail against the pad of her middle finger.  She put her face into the firing line of the other foot as it gently rocked back and forth.

The delightful moment came.  Mrs. Ainthorpe’s big toe met Beth’s cheek, the long nail touched the side of Beth’s nose.  Beth didn’t move and let it happen again and again.  Mrs. Ainthorpe didn’t seem to notice or mind that her big toe kept touching the side of Beth’s face.  Maybe she thought she was punishing Beth, degrading her.  In a way she was but Beth loved it.

The buzzing got more intense.  Beth felt the pleasure in her pussy, her panties wet from her juices.  She felt Mrs. Ainthorpe’s mature and powerful big toe touching and prodding the side of her face, rhythmically.  She felt the lovely big toenail of the other foot with her fingers and her thumb, pressing her own digits hard against that sharp nail.  The pleasure built, she felt the impending orgasm grow.  She did the unthinkable.  She stuck out her tongue and the next time teacher’s foot came towards her face she allowed herself to taste the underside of that big, powerful toe.  And at that very moment she reached orgasm again.


Mrs. Ainthorpe seemed more amused than anything when Beth got up to leave the class.  With a smirk on her lips the teacher said, “I hope you’ve learned your lesson, young lady.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Beth replied.

“Just remember who’s in charge.”

Yes, thought Beth as she left the classroom.  If anyone’s toes should be sucked, then it should be yours.  I know my place now.


Just as Beth thought the day couldn’t get any more embarrassing, she had a run in with that Jessica girl.  Beth tried not to stare at those big, black feet as she passed but then the inevitable happened.

“Are you looking at me funny, again?!”  She shouted at her.  “Hey, rich little white girl!  What’s your problem, bitch?”

Before Beth knew what was happening she’d been punched in the stomach and was lying on the floor.  That’s when the black girl started kicking Beth with her bare feet.

At first she was being kicked in the legs, the stomach and the chest but then Jessica started kicking her in the face.  The soft soles of those big black feet were striking Beth in the face.  She got plenty of chances to see the girl’s long, unpainted toenails with that sexy natural colour that black women’s toes have.

Suddenly Beth felt the device in her pussy vibrate again.  Jessica had stopped kicking now and was actually rubbing the soles of her feet in Beth’s face and pinching her nose between the toes.

“You like that, do you bitch?”  Jessica said, disdain in her voice “You like being at a black girl’s feet?”

She laughed as she pinched Beth’s nose, really hard between her big toe and the second toe.  Beth saw her bend the toes as she pinched with them, so that she could see the long toenail of Jessica’s big toe really clearly in front of her eyes.  Strong, powerful, beautiful, that big toenail shone and glinted in the light.  The buzzing between Beth’s legs got faster and more intense and she started getting wet again.

“Yeah,” Jessica taunted her.  “You’re my bitch now, white girl.  I’ve got you under my feet, wiping my soles on your face.  It’s about time you learnt your place.  In fact…”  She paused for effect, building up tension.

Beth had her mouth wide open to breathe, her nose still pinched between Jessica’s toes.  Then Jessica moved her other foot towards Beth’s lips and tongue.

“I think it’s time you had a taste of your new master,” Jessica said, finishing her sentence.  Then she thrust her powerful big toe into Beth’s mouth and started kicking her face with the other foot and rubbing her soft soles against Beth’s cheek.  “Suck it!”  The black girl commanded her aggressively.  “Taste my foot sweat, bitch!  I want you to get a good taste of a black girl’s toes.”

Jessica poked and prodded at Beth’s face and then managed to get both big toes in her mouth at once.  The toes were so large!  She felt them fill her mouth.  She tasted the salty but delicious flavour of them.  So deep and pungent but so strangely pleasant was that taste and Beth could feel Jessica bend the toes, scraping the nails against her tongue.

“I don’t cut my nails, bitch,” Jessica taunted, “I leave them long, just for you.  Can you feel them, bitch?  Can you feel the strong, powerful toes of a black woman?  Taste them, white bitch.  I want you to know that I’m in charge here and you’re just my little foot slut.”

Beth couldn’t take anymore.  She felt the powerful toes with  their long nails, tasted their flavour, felt the humiliation, the degradation of being bullied in such an enjoyable manner, she  heard the woman’s cruel taunts and with the buzzing and vibration on her clit and between her legs, Beth simply lost control and had the biggest orgasm of the whole day.

Eventually Jessica left her alone and Beth was lying down in the corridor, panting for breath, her pussy still tingling and her knickers sopping wet from pleasure.  Somewhere nearby, Gita and Natalie were howling with laughter.

Chapter 10


It was only an administration job but Andy hoped that one day he might be able to get into the marketing department and make use of some of his media skills.  Eros Sexual Health Initiatives was a unique company that marketed Viagra and sex toys but also ran their own sexual therapy sessions and funded several sexual health clinics in the region.  Their mission and vision was to aid the sexual health and wellbeing of their customers and it was an exciting company to work for.

Andy dressed smart for the interview and couldn’t wait to begin working for such an innovative and vibrant new business.  Sally Matherton interviewed him.  She was a tall lady with peroxide blonde hair partly tied back but with the sides still hanging loose.  She was power dressed in a suit with high heels but her clothes were tight enough to reveal her perfectly toned body and her short skirt revealed her attractive long legs.

Andy described his computer skills, his professional manner and his thorough attention to detail and after some chats and going over paperwork, with the obligatory smiles and attempts at seeming confident from Andy, it wasn’t long before she was shaking his hand and welcoming him to the team.  He had got the job.


The first week went by with the usual hiccups of a new position but it wasn’t long before Andy had got well and truly in the swing of things.  By the second week he was feeling confident and was comfortably taking care of his day to day tasks in the office.

He made some friends, including exchanging shy smiles with some of the more sweet mannered and professional young women but Andy soon began to notice some of the social cliques, the gossip and the petty politics.

There was one group in particular who were beginning to get on his nerves.  Debbie, Fiona and Beverley were three women in their thirties who still seemed to have the mentality of teenagers.  They whispered, laughed and gossiped among themselves, often poking fun at some of the more “nerdy” or “dorky” young men in the office.  Andy was one of those men.

Three weeks in and it was really beginning to irritate him.  How unprofessional could they be?  And who did they think they were to have such a mocking and disrespectful attitude?

However, he had to admit that they were attractive.  Debbie had long, curly dark hair and a bit of a tanned complexion.  She seemed a bit aloof and superior in her manner.  Beverley was a red head, a bit aggressive and cheeky.  Fiona was a bit chubby and had fair brown hair and freckles.  She was the most aggressively rude of the three.

One day both Debbie and Beverley were wearing open toed shoes to work.  Andy couldn’t help but stare at their feet a little.  Debbie’s toes were quite long and she had painted them with a nice kind of glossy dark grey colour that actually looked really good against the skin tone of her feet.  Beverley’s toenails were long and were painted bright red.  They weren’t colours of polish that Andy usually found attractive but the shape of their feet and toes was inviting to his eyes nonetheless.

They responded to his stares with gasps and giggles when they were sitting together.  He definitely heard one of them mutter the word “freak”.

Another time when Debbie walked past, Andy couldn’t help staring at her behind.  It was just the right shape and size and looked wonderful in her tight office clothes.  Unfortunately Fiona saw him staring and when he noticed her, she simply glared at him and shook her head in disgust.


It was a busy day and Andy wasn’t quite finished at close of business so he stayed behind for an extra half hour when the others had gone home.  The office was nearly deserted when he finally packed up his things and left.  But Debbie, Fiona and Beverley were waiting for him.

They burst in through the door just as he was about to leave and howling with laughter, they grabbed him by the shirt collar and Debbie put her hand over his mouth to stop him calling out for help.

They shoved, pushed and pulled him across the office and into a small deserted room.  This was one of the private meeting rooms and while Debbie set about sitting him down on a chair and tying his legs to it and his arms behind him, Beverley and Fiona locked the door and pulled down the blinds.

What happened next was both delightful and horrible.  They slapped him hard across the face and removed his clothes.

“Slap him harder!” Beverley said to Debbie, who wilfully obliged.  Fiona grabbed at his penis, now naked, and jerked him off roughly with her fat hands.  “Come on,” said Beverley, “really hurt him, the creep!”  Debbie obliged and struck Andy again.  The sharp sting of pain across his face was a shock but somehow he couldn’t help but enjoy it.  “Here, let me have a go,” said Beverley.  Debbie moved aside and then the tall, thin redhead with the cocky attitude slapped him hard across his left cheek with her own hand.

Beverley’s hand was larger than Debbie’s and it felt cold but the slap was so fierce and sudden that it soon sent blood rushing to his face.  After only a moment’s recovery she delivered another sharp slap to his right cheek, so hard that it made his jaw ache and he knew his face must be as red as a London bus by now.

His cock was hard in Fiona’s hand.  “Oh my God,” she said, “I think he likes it, the freak!”  She laughed cruelly, as did the others.  Fiona stood up, her hand still on his naked penis and she grabbed his face with her other hand and leaned in close.  “Do you like it,” she said menacingly, tugging aggressively on his erect member, “do you like it when we hurt you, pathetic little creep?”

“I know something else he likes,” said Beverley, sitting on the table nearby.  Fiona let go of his cock and moved aside.  Beverley kicked off her shoe and dangled her foot in front of his face.  “Do you want this, Andy?  Do you want to suck my delicious toes?”

Fiona laughed throatily and ran behind Andy.  She put her arm round his chest to hold him and pinched his nose with her other hand.  Obviously Andy had to open his mouth then and Beverley chose that moment to shove her toes into his mouth.  “Suck it!”  She ordered him.  “Suck it, bitch!”

Her feet were as cold as her hands but they tasted delicious, with a delicate salty flavour of their own.  He could feel the slightly long toenails, their sharpness against his tongue and his inner cheek.  He could feel his cock standing to attention even more and throbbing with anticipation of pleasure.  He could not relieve himself because his hands were tied.

“Shove them really hard in his mouth,” Fiona told her friend.  “Make him gag on them!”

Beverley thrust her foot even harder in his mouth so that the toenails hit the back of his throat.  She really rammed it inside and Andy did indeed start to gag.  After a while she pulled her foot away again, smiling with satisfaction at what she had just done.

“Aww…” Debbie cooed mockingly, out of sight, “don’t be so mean to him.”  Andy sensed Fiona move away and someone else come up behind him.  Suddenly his chair was being tipped back, so that he was lying on the floor.  Debbie stepped up to him, removing her own shoes and she caressed the sides of his face with her feet.  With those long, beautiful toes on his face, Andy was in heaven.  “You have to be nice to him,” she said soothingly, “even creeps deserve affection.”  Then she dangled her foot in front of his face and said more coldly, “open your mouth…”  She paused, Andy hesitated.  “Now!”  She ordered him.  He obliged.  She stuck her long, silky smooth toes in his mouth and pinched his tongue between the big toe and the second toe.  The taste was wonderful!  “Can you feel that?”  She asked, pinching his tongue and squeezing it really hard so that it hurt.  “Does it hurt, bitch?”  She looked down at him with mock surprise.  “But I thought that’s what you wanted, isn’t it?  Haven’t you been drooling over me and staring at my feet all day?”  She removed that foot and stuck the toes of her other foot in his mouth.  “Don’t you want to taste your goddess?”  She pinched his tongue again, squeezing so hard that he could feel the nail of her big toe.

When Debbie moved away again, Fiona approached and actually removed both her shoes and her knickers.  She lifted her skirt up and squatted over his face.  She put both of her fat big toes into his mouth at once and they were so big that there was barely room for anything else.  But somehow she created a gap in between so that when she lowered her hairy pussy over his mouth she could order him to lick it.

“Come on, creep,” she told him, “stick out your tongue and lick it or I’ll tell the boss you’ve been sexually harassing us.”

Andy was so excited and aroused that he longed to be able to touch himself but he couldn’t.  His mouth was alive with the flavours of the three girls’ feet.  Each one had a slightly different taste to her toes and it was so erotic to him that he could barely cope.  Now he was about to taste a new flavour.  He stuck his tongue out as far as he could until he touched the moist lips of her labia.  She managed to pull her feet apart, big toes still in his mouth, and lower her pussy down so that he could stick his tongue in her vagina and lick all around the labia and clit.  She moved her hips back and forth as if she was fucking his tongue.  The taste was strong but very erotic and the juices were starting to drip down into his open mouth.

As she violated his tongue and moaned in pleasure the other two girls began to slap his desperate penis. They called him creep and pervert, taking turns to strike his cock as hard and violently as they could.  Weirdly this only increased his pleasure.

Suddenly Fiona removed her feet from his mouth and stood up, legs on either side of him.  Then she turned round and grabbed his nose between the toes of one of her feet.  As she pinched his nose between the big toe and the second toe, Andy got a really good look at the unvarnished nails of her fat, powerful feet.  She lifted up and shoved his face down with her foot.  “Yeah, bitch!”  She yelled at him.  “You belong to us now.  We can do anything we want to you.  So you’d better just shut up and take it.”

Debbie was jerking him off now and Fiona moved aside.  Suddenly it was Beverley removing her knickers and squatting down over him.  Andy opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue expectantly, thinking he would get to lick some more tasty pussy.

“I’ve got a little treat of my own,” she said and then to Andy’s surprise she began to urinate into his mouth.

“Oh, Bev, you’re so bad!”  Debbie gasped in impressed surprise as she tugged at Andy’s cock.

Streams of yellow piss poured into his mouth.  He could tell it must’ve been yellow because the taste was very strong.  When he tried to close his mouth, Beverley pinched his nose between her fingers so that he had to keep it open.

The look of disdain on her face as she did it was a new level of kinky pleasure for Andy.  She hated him so she was pissing in his mouth, and for some reason this turned him on even more.  “Can you taste it?”  She asked him.  “I hope you can taste it,” she added in a menacing whisper as she narrowed her eyes and let out a new stream of piss, a forceful gushing of golden liquid that Andy couldn’t help but swallow.  “This is what perverts get!”

There were two hands on his cock now and occasionally he felt a large mouth that must’ve been Fiona’s envelop his penis and suck it hard.  She tickled it with her tongue too and all the while Debbie just kept on tugging.

“Do you like Beverley’s piss?”  She asked in a sing song voice between sucking him.  “Do you like that, you perve?”

“Keep pissing, Bev,” added Debbie in her cool, disapproving voice.  “Really make him suffer.”

“Taste it, bitch!”  Beverley told him as she let out jet after jet of warm, salty piss.  How did she manage to produce so much?  “This is what you get for being such a pathetic little creep!”

Debbie and Fiona continued to tug at his penis, really fast and really hard while Beverley covered his tongue and filled his mouth with warm, strong tasting piss.  They taunted and teased him, calling him loser, creep and pervert, telling him how they’d wanted to humiliate him from the moment he set foot in the office, saying that they could do whatever they want to him and he couldn’t say anything or they’d grass him up for sexual harassment.  Before long he couldn’t take any more of their humiliation and abuse.  He orgasmed and ejaculated, shooting warm cum all over his belly and their hands.

After they cleaned themselves up, they lifted his chair upright again and untied him.  “Now don’t tell anyone about this,” Beverley warned him, “or we’ll do it again but worse.”

“Of course we’ll probably do it again anyway,” Debbie added with a smirk, “but if you tell anyone then we’ll tell Sally you’ve been staring at our feet and bums, grabbing us and saying inappropriate things.”

They all left and Fiona burst into laughter.  “Loser!”  She said over her shoulder as they left the room.  Andy was left alone to put his clothes back on and get himself composed and settled before going back home.  He didn’t know whether to feel happy, sad or annoyed but his heart was thumping hard in his chest and it felt like excitement.

Chapter 16


Beth was having a bad time of it lately.  Ever since the New Year she had been struggling to find regular part time work.  She had just about managed to pay January’s rent but was now one month behind and with the end of March approaching she once again had no idea where she was going to get the money.

It was making her depressed.  Natalie and Gita noticed.

“Why so sad?”  Gita asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she answered.

Natalie eyed her shrewdly for a moment.  “You’re a good looking girl,” she said, “You should flaunt what you’ve got.  Maybe it would cheer you up.”

“Yeah,” agreed Gita, “flirt with some of the boys or something.  I’ve noticed Kevin giving you the eye a couple of times.”

“Really?” said Beth, pleasantly surprised.  But then she looked doubtfully at Natalie.  “But isn’t he your boyfriend, Nat?”

Natalie waved her hand dismissively.  “Nah,” she said, “we made out a few times but he isn’t anybody’s really.  Kevin’s quite a stud.  He could never settle down with one person.  It’s cool, honestly.”

Beth smiled.  She did like Kevin.

“You need to get out and have some fun, Beth,” Gita told her.  “A pretty girl like you could have any boy she wanted.”

“Yeah,” said Beth, smiling to herself.  “I suppose I could.”  Now she was thinking of Jonathan.  He was quite the catch also.

“I’ll do you a makeover,” Gita offered.

“Yeah,” Natalie chimed in, “we both will.”


The next morning Beth went to college with a sexy strut to her walk.  Dressed in the clothes that Natalie had lent her, breasts looking prominent, make-up immaculate thanks to Gita, she walked confidently past the students congregating outside.

She saw Kevin and Jonathan and waved at them both.  They both did the cutest of smiles and an awkward wave in response.

Later, at lunchtime she started chatting to Kevin.  He leaned in close as she talked, trying to get a good look at her cleavage.  He had a leering kind of smile.  He seemed mesmerised by her.  She didn’t mind at all.  Soon he was behaving all macho and cocky to impress her.  She giggled and gave him a peck on the cheek.

On her way home Jonathan walked up to her and asked her out on a date.  She was surprised but very flattered.  “Yeah, sure,” she answered.  “Where do you want to go?”

By the time they parted, she had agreed to meet him on Saturday for a burger and a movie.  It was nothing fancy but she was still excited to be meeting up with an attractive boy like him.


Saturday came around and she met up with Jonathan.  They ate, watched a movie and then he walked her back to the bus stop.  They kissed with tongues, swapped phone numbers and she promised him they’d do this again soon.  She couldn’t have been happier.


The following Friday and Beth came home to find three scowling women waiting for her in the living room.  Natalie, Gita and Barbara were all sat upright around the coffee table with miserable, angry looking faces.

“Sit down, Beth,” Barbara told her.  “It’s time we had a talk with you.”

Beth pulled up the pouffe, wondering what this was all about.

“What’s the date today, Beth?”  Barbara asked.

“April 3rd,” Beth answered, gulping hard.  She knew what was coming.

“So where’s the rent,” Barbara asked, “and last month’s rent too?”

Beth looked at each of them in turn, Natalie looking like she could beat a grizzly bear in a fist fight, Gita eyeing her with a look of pure  hatred, and Barbara with her no nonsense air of authority, her hooped earrings and a her short grey hair partially dyed blonde.

Beth looked at the floor in shame.  “I don’t have the money again, I’m afraid.”  She said.

“You mustn’t let her get away with this,” Gita said.  “She has to be punished.”

“And what’s this I hear about you dating other people’s boyfriends?”  Barbara added.  Beth looked up in shocked surprise.

“Yeah,” Natalie said, angrily, “you knew Kevin was my boyfriend, you said it yourself, but the whole school saw you giggling and flirting with him and pecking him on the cheek!”

“But you said…”  Beth argued but Gita cut her off.

“And you dated Jonathan!”  Gita snapped accusingly.  “I’ve had my eye on him for months.  He was going to be my boyfriend.  Now you’ve stolen him from me!”

“I’m sorry,” Beth protested, “I didn’t know.”

“Tell me why I shouldn’t just throw you out of this house right here and now,” Barbara argued.  “You don’t pay rent, you cause strife and unrest under my roof.  Why should I let you stay here a single day more?”

“No, please,” Beth said desperately.  “I’ve got nowhere else to go.”

“If you’re going to stay here,” Barbara said.  “Then you’ll have to do something for us.  You’ll have to pay your rent some other way, and say sorry properly.”

“I am sorry,” Beth insisted.  “I really am.  Please don’t throw me out.  I’ll wash your car.  I’ll clean out the cooker.  I’ll do all the housework for three whole months.”

Barbara appeared to consider this for a moment.  “Maybe,” she mused.  Then she slipped off her shoes, leaned back on the sofa and put her big, fat feet up on the coffee table.  “And you’ll clean our feet with your tongue.”

Beth looked at Natalie and Gita.  Both of them were smirking now.  They also slipped off their shoes and put their feet up on the table.  “You heard her,” said Natalie.  “Get licking.”

“Never mind all that other stuff,” added Gita, “I think this will be your main chore.  For, how long did you say it was?  Three months?”

Beth looked back at Barbara.  She noticed the large, mature feet of the woman.  There were callouses on the pads and toes.  The soles looked kind of wrinkled.  She could see the sliver of the underside of her long nails poking up from the toes.

“Well, what are you waiting for?”  Barbara asked.  “You want to stay here, don’t you?  So say sorry properly, using your tongue.”

Beth pushed back the pouffe and knelt down on the floor.  She leaned forward and stuck out her tongue.  Closing her eyes, she let her tongue touch the rough surface of Barbara’s worn out soles.  They tasted salty but not unpleasant and the roughness of the skin against her tongue made Beth’s pussy almost instantly wet.

She carried on licking the soles of Barbara’s feet.  They were so big!  Gradually she worked her way up until she reached the toes.  Then she moved her mouth up and over, engulfing the big toe in her mouth, feeling the long nail against her tongue.  She couldn’t resist placing a hand between her legs to stroke her throbbing clit.

When she was finished with that big toe, she sucked the big toe of the other foot.  The big, chunky digit seemed to fill her whole mouth.  The roughness of the skin and the feel of the nail against her tongue sent waves of pleasure through her.  She slipped her hand inside her knickers and stroked her clit some more.

“I think you should apologise to us too,” Natalie said angrily.  “For stealing our boyfriends.”

“Yeah,” added Gita, “unless you want to be homeless on the streets.”

Beth turned her attentions to her friends.  Once again she sucked Gita’s long, beautiful toes and licked her slender feet.  “Fucking bitch,” Gita said.  “Do you like sucking my long toes?  I bet you do.  It must be just like sucking cock, you little slut.”  Beth felt Gita’s long nails against her tongue as she sucked each of her ten toes in turn and the sensation and taste coupled with Gita’s taunts just turned her on all the more.

When it came to Natalie’s fat toes, Beth noticed how ripe they smelled and pulled her face back instinctively.  “What’s the matter?”  Natalie asked.  “Don’t like the smell?  Well I haven’t washed them for two days and I’ve been wearing trainers.  But you should have thought about that before you kissed my boyfriend, shouldn’t you?  Now suck them, you whore!”

Beth did as she was told and licked the soles and sucked the big, fat toes.  The taste was strong, very strong but somehow this just excited her more.  “We’ve been planning our revenge all week,” Natalie told her just as Beth took both big toes into her mouth.  The strong taste was on her tongue as Natalie added, “of course I didn’t wash for two days.  I wanted them nice and ripe, just for you.”  Beth rubbed herself frantically now.  She was so turned on.  “Serves you right, bitch,” Natalie continued to taunt her.  “This is your punishment.”

Gita leaned forward and whispered in Beth’s ear.  “Apologise properly,” she said.  “Taste those foul smelling feet.”

Finally it was time for her to turn her attention to Barbara’s feet again.  As she did so, Gita and Natalie got up from their seats and moved round to stand behind her.  Gita grabbed Barbara’s feet and pushed them down flat on the table.  Natalie pulled Beth’s arms out from between her legs and held them behind her back.  Then she reached her own hand and stuck it inside Beth’s knickers.  “Here,” she said, “let me help.”

Barbara moved her feet to the edge of the coffee table, so that the toes were clear of it.  Beth could see Barbara’s toes in all their glory now.  The long nails were unpainted.  Large, fat mature feet with the longish nails in their natural colour, all thick and worn with age but still sexy as hell.

Gita grabbed Beth’s face and pushed her down towards Barbara’s feet.  Natalie reached her fingers inside Beth’s vagina, thrusting them in and out and rubbing against her clit in the process.

Beth put her tongue and mouth around Barbara’s toes, feeling the sharpness of the nails again, the rough and calloused skin.  Barbara pushed her feet forwards, shoving both big toes hard into Beth’s mouth while Gita pushed Beth’s head forward with her hand.  Barbara’s toes nearly hit the back of Beth’s throat.

“Yes,” said Barbara, “apologise good and proper if you want to live in this house rent free.”

With the mature woman’s toes thrusting hard into her mouth, the salty taste tantalising her taste buds, the feel of the nails against her tongue and with Natalie’s fingers plunged deeply in her vagina, the hand pressed hard against her clitoris, Beth was beside herself with lustful desire.

“And all this misbehaving with people’s boyfriends,” Barbara continued to rant disapprovingly, “I won’t tolerate such bad behaviour in my house!  You knew I didn’t put up with any nonsense, you knew that when you moved in here.  Well, this is the price you pay when you treat me with disrespect.”  Barbara shoved her toes even harder into Beth’s mouth.  She felt those tough, horny old toenails on her tongue and the back of her throat.  Natalie’s fingers thrust into her vagina and she rubbed the clit with her thumb.  It wouldn’t be long now.  “You want to be a naughty bitch, you’d better know that this is what you get,” Barbara continued.  “Every time you misbehave and make me angry, you’re going to get my big old toes thrusting hard into your mouth.  So suck them, bitch and show me how sorry you are.  Because I won’t take any nonsense when you live in my house!”

That was it.  Beth couldn’t take anymore.  Her legs shaking, her muffled mouth moaning in pleasure, feeling those old toes flex now, raking the long nails against her tongue, Beth let out a shuddering orgasm, all over Natalie’s hand.

Finally Gita let go and Natalie withdrew her hand.  Then Barbara pulled her feet away again.  Beth collapsed on the floor, panting with pleasure but feeling well and truly punished and humiliated.

As Gita, Natalie and Barbara walked away, the landlady said one last word.  “Let that be a lesson to you,” she said.

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